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Since the fall of the housing market in 2008, the new career as a real estate agent became about more than simply selling houses in their market. With a large part of the population losing their homes, the new mission transformed into something much deeper than the money involved in house transactions. As the market lifts itself back up again, the next mission of the real estate agent is to bring homes back to the people of America, and give them a chance to relive the lives that were lost.

Alex AnninosThis new transition towards a people-business has been a good change for the industry, as the hostility of competitors and companies gave room for people to begin consolidating in the markets and working together for shared profits. The opportunity is still there, and since 2008, it is more prosperous than ever, as the population continues to grow.

Many real estate agents all over the country, both new and veteran, have adopted this new philosophy for the industry. Alex Anninos, a real estate agent in Massachusetts that began his career during the market crash, formed his entire career out of the mindset of helping others achieve their dream of a home. With so many committed professionals in the industry, the housing markets of the US will have the chance to reach full recovery, and truly blossom for the people of the nation.


The industry of real estate uses a lot of networking power, and is comprises of many companies and groups of team agents, with very few independent investors. Why are real estate teams so prominent in the industry, and how does it benefit you as a real estate agent? While group collaboration doesn’t work in some industries, in others it creates massive success, and in real estate specifically, it can mean the difference between a deflated housing market and a thriving one.

Alex AnninosThe burst of the housing market bubble in 2008 caused a lot of trouble in the industry, stirring up multiple different negative factors that lead thousands of people losing their jobs, and thousands more losing their homes. There needed to be a solution, and in an area of the professional world that is so crucial to a society, it needed to be done quickly. Under the circumstances, there wasn’t many options for those who were left in the real estate industry. Their only option was to band together into units that capitalized on a single housing market, tethering their networks together to survive.

Now that the method has been proven to make it through a recession, it is a very prominent method of business in almost every market in the US. Consolidation was proven to be powerful, and having that team power made for an easier flowing market. Alex Anninos, a team member of Massachusetts’ Mavroules Real Estate Team, admires that his career has flourished so well because of the teams that he has been a part of. Getting started in real estate during the burst of 2008, he learned quickly how the unity of teams in one market made it easier to grow a market and a career.

When Facebook first went online, and social networking was first introduced to the world, one of the most popular ways to feel socially powerful was by “friending” as many people as possible. Thousands of friends would be made to a single person, giving the illusion that they held a powerful network. And while there may be some strength in the size of a network, one of the most important elements to that strength comes from the quality of each relationship made.

Alex AnninosNo use will be found from a person that is met and never cultured into a network. Just because a person’s name and contact information are exchanged between two parties, does not necessarily mean that they will become resourceful in the future. This is one of the biggest setbacks to the digital age, as people are making more relationships with others faster, but of such low quality that their substance is almost null.

The best tip for the future is building quality relationships, not just relationships in general. Getting to know people in a network will prove exponentially more useful than simply attaining thousands of connections in a network. Alex Anninos discovered this while growing his real estate career in Massachusetts. Arriving into the market just after the housing bust of 2008, he had to rely on his networking skill to grow his career and make a prosperous living. Being intuitive with the network that is held is the key. Only then will the size be proven to become extraordinary.

Preparing your home for its next owner takes a great deal of time and preparation. It can be difficult trying to decide how to stage your home, what stays and what goes, to be certain that you have your best shot at providing the best possible impression to potential buyers. Alex Anninos, whose information can be found at, is a dedicated and successful Realtor based in the New England area with the Mavroules Team and LAER Realty Partners. He recommends considering the following when you begin to stage your home to reel in numerous offers.

Alex Anninos

  1. Get rid of all clutter in your home. Surfaces should be open with hardly any belonging scattered across them. Any extraneous furniture has to go, as it opens up your home and ultimately looks much larger than it would otherwise. Get rid of everything that is not a necessity, or pack it away in storage.
  2. Use paint to your advantage. Painting two adjacent rooms the same color will appear more spacious, such as a kitchen and dining room, or living room and dining room. Also, experimenting with darker colors in bedrooms or bathrooms, or painting an accent wall, can all brighten up your home and make your items stand out even more.
  3. In any arrangement of items or accessories throughout your house, odd numbers tend to come off more favorably than even numbers, especially groups of three.
  4. Fix any missing floorboards or cracks in the walls or sidewalks. Anything that appears to be falling apart can detract from your asking price, and most of these issues are quick and cheap fixes.