A Passionate Mission for Real Estate Agents

Posted: August 28, 2015 in Real Estate
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Since the fall of the housing market in 2008, the new career as a real estate agent became about more than simply selling houses in their market. With a large part of the population losing their homes, the new mission transformed into something much deeper than the money involved in house transactions. As the market lifts itself back up again, the next mission of the real estate agent is to bring homes back to the people of America, and give them a chance to relive the lives that were lost.

Alex AnninosThis new transition towards a people-business has been a good change for the industry, as the hostility of competitors and companies gave room for people to begin consolidating in the markets and working together for shared profits. The opportunity is still there, and since 2008, it is more prosperous than ever, as the population continues to grow.

Many real estate agents all over the country, both new and veteran, have adopted this new philosophy for the industry. Alex Anninos, a real estate agent in Massachusetts that began his career during the market crash, formed his entire career out of the mindset of helping others achieve their dream of a home. With so many committed professionals in the industry, the housing markets of the US will have the chance to reach full recovery, and truly blossom for the people of the nation.


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