Networking Tips – Quality of Quantity

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Real Estate
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When Facebook first went online, and social networking was first introduced to the world, one of the most popular ways to feel socially powerful was by “friending” as many people as possible. Thousands of friends would be made to a single person, giving the illusion that they held a powerful network. And while there may be some strength in the size of a network, one of the most important elements to that strength comes from the quality of each relationship made.

Alex AnninosNo use will be found from a person that is met and never cultured into a network. Just because a person’s name and contact information are exchanged between two parties, does not necessarily mean that they will become resourceful in the future. This is one of the biggest setbacks to the digital age, as people are making more relationships with others faster, but of such low quality that their substance is almost null.

The best tip for the future is building quality relationships, not just relationships in general. Getting to know people in a network will prove exponentially more useful than simply attaining thousands of connections in a network. Alex Anninos discovered this while growing his real estate career in Massachusetts. Arriving into the market just after the housing bust of 2008, he had to rely on his networking skill to grow his career and make a prosperous living. Being intuitive with the network that is held is the key. Only then will the size be proven to become extraordinary.


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