Staging Your Home for Selling – A Beginner’s Guide

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Real Estate
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Preparing your home for its next owner takes a great deal of time and preparation. It can be difficult trying to decide how to stage your home, what stays and what goes, to be certain that you have your best shot at providing the best possible impression to potential buyers. Alex Anninos, whose information can be found at, is a dedicated and successful Realtor based in the New England area with the Mavroules Team and LAER Realty Partners. He recommends considering the following when you begin to stage your home to reel in numerous offers.

Alex Anninos

  1. Get rid of all clutter in your home. Surfaces should be open with hardly any belonging scattered across them. Any extraneous furniture has to go, as it opens up your home and ultimately looks much larger than it would otherwise. Get rid of everything that is not a necessity, or pack it away in storage.
  2. Use paint to your advantage. Painting two adjacent rooms the same color will appear more spacious, such as a kitchen and dining room, or living room and dining room. Also, experimenting with darker colors in bedrooms or bathrooms, or painting an accent wall, can all brighten up your home and make your items stand out even more.
  3. In any arrangement of items or accessories throughout your house, odd numbers tend to come off more favorably than even numbers, especially groups of three.
  4. Fix any missing floorboards or cracks in the walls or sidewalks. Anything that appears to be falling apart can detract from your asking price, and most of these issues are quick and cheap fixes.

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