Alex Anninos – Finding Your Client the Perfect Home

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Real Estate

As a Realtor, there are certain tips and tricks of the trade that will leave each client you work with walking away happy and satisfied with your service. Buying a new home is an exciting though daunting experience due to the numerous moving parts that must be considered throughout the entire process. Alex Anninos, a highly respected Realtor based in Danvers, Massachusetts, recommends that you consider the following to ensure that your clients feel happy and secure in their real estate experience.

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos

  1. Dig deeply and ask good questions that are more revealing than your client’s desired number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Asking your clients what they like to do so that you can assess the surrounding area to ensure they have adequate access to their hobbies and activities is a must. Determining where your client is in their life pathway is incredibly important so that you can help them plan for their future. Whether that means children in the next few years, building additions to the home, the dream of a business that the client can run from their home, or building a pool in the backyard, you will be prepared.
  2. Communicate with your clients regularly, always keeping them in the loop. Nothing is more frustrating than working toward a really important goal when your Realtor and advocate is difficult to get on the phone. The process is both an exciting and stressful time for your client, and the feeling of trust and security will grow in depth if the communication is free-flowing.
  3. Research first. Bringing your client four or five homes that don’t fit their criteria rather than one that does is a waste of your time.

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