Alex Anninos, Homes and Real Estate

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Real Estate

Alex Anninos is a highly regarded professional in the world of real estate. He is known for his knowledge of homes and the value he provides to clients, especially when they are searching for a home. Purchasing a home can be a challenge, and finding the best home for a family can be difficult. Alex Anninos understands these difficulties and that is why he is diligent in his profession in trying to make that buying process an easy proposition for families in that position.   Anninos works closely with a qualified team of fantastic real estate professionals that specialize in helping families find that right home. This group not only understand what families are looking for, but are also invested in creating a better quality home buying experience for every client.

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos

Families have important considerations to take, and buying a home is an important decision. The team incorporates those needs into the program they have built in buying the perfect home. Alex Anninos uses his many years of experience and influence that he has gained over the years to help make the buying experience as painless as it can be for families each and every day. He feels that he is always on the customer’s side and aims to make the process as smooth as possible. He is part of the Mavroules Team, which he joined for these exact considerations. Great people with great passion produce great results, which is what he is looking to deliver for his clients. Like Alex, this team truly feels that the customer is first and the experience is as important as the home itself.


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