Alex Anninos: Helping You Transcend the Real Estate Process

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Real Estate

Alex Anninos is a real estate professional with confidence; someone who has the resources, knowledge and networking capability to make your next home buying or selling transaction as easy, fast and risk-free as possible. With Alex Anninos, you not only receive the benefit of an accomplished real estate veteran on your side, but also the confidence and reputation of someone dedicated to advocating for your interests at every turn.

A longtime member of the Mavroules Team, Alex Anninos aims to help to you transcend the complex real estate process, providing an unparalleled accessibility and focus you just won’t find anywhere else. His team understands what you need to realize your real estate dreams, and works towards customizing their services to best fit the requirements of every client.

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos has a relentless passion for excellence, something that shines through during every transaction he’s involved in. Through Alex and the Mavroules Team, clients can rest easy knowing they are working with the most proven and respected professionals in the region, people with a track record for results that rely on the time-honored value of customer-first services to get the job done right.

Alex Anninos and the Mavroules Team are a recognized and respected group of real estate professionals who carry with them the desire to meet every client’s needs. It is their primary goal to make real estate as easy and enjoyable as possible, something that continually sets them apart and that has made them a difference maker for many clients throughout the region.

If you’re in need of an agent you know you can trust, contact Alex Anninos today at today.


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