Alex Anninos: Becoming a Part of LAER

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Real Estate

In an effort to improve upon their already proven reputation for excellence in real estate services, Alex Anninos and the Mavroules real estate team have recently joined up with LAER, or the Local Agents, Extraordinary Results; enhancing what is already known as one of the best real estate teams in the entire region.

Alex Anninos is proud to have recently become a part of LAER, and to now better serve every client through an extensive network of LAER resources that make information and insight into local real estate easier to access and provide than ever before. Alex Anninos and his Mavroules team associates are already recognized for their commitment to great customer service, and promise to surpass even themselves in terms of more attentive client assistance and even more detailed property information and insight as a result of this recent development.


Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos believes this new partnership with the LAER team will make the Mavroules Team even more effective, boosting the quality and speed of his team’s buying and selling services while delivering better results than ever before. Alex Anninos looks forward to tapping into LAER’s extensive array of information and professional insight, and of utilizing the LAER network to make faster and more enduring connections with new and existing clients throughout the region.

Alex Anninos is a name that has already become synonymous with local real estate excellence. The support of the LAER organization promises to be a great addition to the superior level of quality and client responsiveness his team has been providing for years. For more info, visit today.


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