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Searching for the best new home for your family can often be a complicated and difficult proposition. Local real estate expert Alex Anninos understands how imposing, and even overwhelming, the new home shopping process can be, which is why he works hard to simplify home buying for families seeking the best-quality homes in the area.

Alex Anninos works with a team of real estate professionals who not only understand what families are looking for, but who are also invested in creating a better quality home buying experience for every client. They know how important a home buying decision is to the future of your family, and that you need someone on your side to pursue the property that best meets your family’s needs. Alex Anninos has years of experience, and knows how to make the real estate process as smooth and easy as possible for families throughout the area.

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos

Alex Anninos joined the Mavroules Team because he knows how important collaboration and availability are to the home buying process. His team works tirelessly to pursue their clients’ home buying interests, and to connect people with the homes and property they deserve. They understand you want to most value for your money, which is why they take your interests, and your family’s needs, seriously.

Alex Anninos and the team of qualified and experienced agents of the Mavroules Team are passionate about the real estate business, and want only the best for their clients. Placing your trust in Alex Anninos and the Mavroules Team is the best way to ensure you’re receiving the best the market, and the business, have to offer. Reach Alex at 781.866.6195 or or visit